We’ve Got Your Back!

We’ve Got
Your Back!


At ATL Orthopedics, our underlying mission is to give our patients more control over their health and healthcare.

Our role as orthopedic surgeons is to provide the best possible outcomes for each and every single patient that we serve. We believe the optimal way to achieve healthy results for the community we serve is through representative care and utilizing state of the art technology.

Bringing Change To Those Most In Need


Why We Are Here


Representative care has been shown to improve compliance, outcomes and patient engagement by 20%.

Mortality rates, communication and patient engagement improve drastically when it comes to representative care.


African Americans make up 12% of the general population but only 2% of Orthopedic Surgeons are African American.


African Americans are 2.4 times less likely to receive a hip replacement than their white counterparts.

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See What Patients Are Saying

  • I have been a patient of Dr Sexton for eleven years. I’ve been a hairdresser for forty years, and have had ongoing problems with my shoulders as a result of my profession. I’ve had rotator cuff surgeries and total shoulder replacement on both shoulders. Dr Sexton performed all of my surgeries and have had favorable results. He is an excellent surgeon and also has a wonderful bedside manner. It’s really rare these days to find a Dr who truly cares about you and takes time to listen to your concerns and answers all questions you have. I have been able to resume a healthy lifestyle after my surgeries and physical therapy. I highly recommend Dr Sexton, he’s the best!!!!

    C. Novak

    Patient, November 2021
  • I’ve always been an active person enjoying physical activities such as basketball, tennis, volleyball and walking.  When I retired in 2016, I looked forward to resuming tennis and other activities on a regular basis that were difficult to pursue while engaged in my career.  Unfortunately, I suffered several physical problems that prevented me from pursuing my post-retirement plans.  In the summer of 2016, my knees were giving me such a problem that I found it difficult to walk or exercise. Dr. Sexton performed a procedure on my left knee to deal with a torn meniscus.  With rehab I was getting back into the swing of things.  But then in November of 2019, I torn my right rotator cuff while playing tennis.  “Massive” tear was the diagnosis. I was unable to lift my arm above my chest.  Dr. Sexton performed a surgical repair of my right shoulder in January of 2020.  I told him that my goal was to get back on the court by summer. With his help I was able to do exactly that. Now I’m playing 3 to 4 times a week and having a ball.    Thank you, Dr. Sexton, for helping to make that possible.

    T. Guy

    Patient, December 2021
  • I was an athlete in high school and in 2009 I sustained and injury to my knee. Hoping it would heal I ignored surgery and within the course of 2 decades was diagnosed by 3 different Doctors my ACL was torn. Fast-forward, I was referred to Dr. Alonzo and heard extraordinary things about his work and service.  When Dr. Alonzo checked my left knee and told me it was just my meniscus that needed surgery, I was skeptical but trusted him. March 8th, 2021, I had my surgery not only did he promise a smooth surgery, but post-surgery was a surprise to me. Quick recovery and also minimum to zero discomfort and pain. My first visit after the surgery I was able to drive and walk around myself with crutches and a brace.  I didn’t have the need to religiously use my pain killers. After years of not squatting, I am back like never before in the gym, bending to pick up toys after my kids and strutting in my heels. I will recommend Dr Alonzo Sexton. He knows his work, very professional and an amazing leader.  Thank you, Dr Alonzo Sexton and team.

    L. Coker

    Patient, December 2021