Our Specialties & Services


Sports Medicine
We believe that the most direct modifiable factor that determines quality of life is good health.  Good health is largely influenced by living an active life with exercise and physical activity.  We specialize in keeping you active and gettin and we address all ages and skill levels.  If your activity is limited because of a bad back or knee or shoulder, we are the place for you.  Our fellowship trained staff has the expertise and skills to help you get back control of your life. 

Your hands are the tools you use to interact with the world and losing control of these affects your quality of life.  From addressing fractures to carpal tunnel, we are here to help you regain what you have lost.  

Problems sleeping? If your shoulder is keeping you up at night, we can help.

From running to jumping to walking up and down stairs, we help get your knees back in shape.

Do you have tennis elbow? Let us help you get your swing back.

Back pain is the most common musculoskeletal ailment. Make an appointment to get straightened out.  


Onsite imaging allows ATL Orthopedics to quickly diagnose and treat your condition.

Remote Patient Monitoring
Using state of the art wearable technology we are able to ensure the best outcomes for our patients by enrolling them in our Remote Patient Monitoring Program.  Patient activity and progress through the treatment plan is monitored by your physician.  You can trust that your physician is on the case to make sure that you are staying on track.

If all else fails, our surgeons are highly trained and well experienced in providing surgical care for our patients.