What We Do

Make a Comeback

  • Getting back to you is important
  • We listen to you
  • We hear you
  • We respect you
  • We want to earn your trust

Healthy Goals

  • 50% of health determined by behaviors (exercise, diet, smoking, etc)
  • 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise produces significant health benefits
  • 8 different types of cancer have lower risk with this level of exercise (Breast, uterine, colon, cervical, etc)
  • 40 diseases are prevented or treated with exercise
  • Our goal is to get all of our patients to this level of activity to improve their quality of life
  • To monitor this accurately we use remote patient monitoring


  • World Class Surgeons (Fellowship Trained & Board Certified)
  • Holistic approach focused on improving activity level, not just relieving pain
  • Non-operative and Operative treatment options
  • Remote Patient Monitoring using Wearable technology

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Our Specialties